Azis, the Bulgarian pop/folk singer who has been featured on this blog before for his penchant for pushing the envelope about gender, gives sexy a refresher course with this little gem of a video. I can imagine what this does to the masses (they were practically foaming at the mouth in perezhilton). I'm sure some could not even define it. I was loving it. Sweaty, beefy construction workers demolish a building at the feet of a bearded diva while giving each other incendiary looks and check each other's oiled-up bodies between bursts of activity brandishing big powertools. More decadent, nothing. And it's interesting to see how the objectification of the male body makes straight men (and some women) squirm in their seats, trying to avert their gaze and doing all that's in their power to appear inconspicuous. Al the while -I'm sure- secretly titillated. How pervy.
There is something very powerful in the erotization of what is not supposed to be lusted upon. The male body is seen as a source of power, but this power should be of the 'productive' kind: that is, work. If a guy is working, then it is valid for him to show off his body, demonstrating that it is not an 'empty' endeavor, but a valid one. This axiom works in the setting of the gym, too. At the gym, the guy is 'working' out, making himself 'strong' not prettier. Prettier would be a total catastrophe for them. But 'strong' works. Strong, with its connotations of work and potential brute force are acceptable, but making yourself more desirable sexually (a very clear objective of the men prancing around in skimpy tank tops with their melon biceps and round pecs in full display) seems to be below them (but women work hard at it all the time, how very prejudiced of them).
So Azis, by bringing the brutish, bulging, sex-on-a-stick, fleshy hunks to the forefront of what is socially acceptable is basically getting on these people's faces with what they fear the most: sex for the sex of it. And nowhere is this more threatening than in the very prudish United States, with its sanctimonious attitude and irrelevant horniness, always bubbling just below the polished surface of political correctness.
Kudos to Aziz. Those muscles on those men should be put to work and on display for us to enjoy. The rest of the world? They can go watch Bill O'Railly.




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