Violently Happy

I want to feel what Bjork is singing about in this song. Being out of your mind with happiness while in love. Of course, my life resembles much more the actual video (with the super-hot guy shaving his head nowhere to be found) than the lyrics. I sometimes even comply and wear something crazy to the gym sans the little doll (not that I'd try and see if I can get away with it). I keep running around my padded cell, scissors firmly in hand, hoping not to fall and compromise a limb.
I find Bjork to be extremely cool and an artist that does not compromise her creativity for commercial success. That alone makes her outstanding.
I can't wait for her next CD to drop. I already got 'Earth Intruders' on iTunes. It's as usual, awesome. But the sound does take me back to 'Debut' her first album after she left the Sugarcubes. Exhilarating, free, rhythm-driven, fresh and new.
That album got me through many a hot, boring day. And I guess the new one will on time, too. At least we have music, no? Don't deny it. I've seen you blocking the world out, those white earphones betray the iPod hiding somewhere in your pockets. Go ahead, try Bjork. You'll never look back. Or maybe you will.




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