Oh, Patrick

I really like Patrick Wilson. I think I posted about him way back, when I saw Hard Candy for the first time. And then again when I saw Little Children. I am watching Hard Candy again and I realized that I watch it because he looks hot in this movie, even though he's not shirtless and/or half naked as in Little Children. But in Hard Candy he spends half of the movie tied to something: a chair, a table....
And I've discovered that what really makes me a little bit hot is the fact that he is TIED UP. And he struggles. And he yells. And he struggles a little bit more. It's kind of titillating, watching this hunk of a man laying there, kind of helpless, sweaty, struggling. All whiskers and briefs. I guess there's something really appealing in watching a man half-naked struggling to set himself free. I guess I'm discovering a kinky side to me. Heh.


  1. HI

    I really like your post. It´s different but funny



  2. do you remember whats his face in casino royale and how good he looked tied up and futile :-)

    i didnt know patrick wilson did a movie in which he was not naked lol. everyone i saw he was butt naked in it. angels in america, little children.

    oh phantom of the opera... shut up i was bamboozled into seeing it.

  3. Babe, I like your taste in men and film genre. I'll have to check out these two movies.


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