A walk in the park

It was good to see you. Your invitation for 'a walk' came out of the blue but it was a nice surprise. I should know how you operate: spur of the moment enhanced by boredom. But at least you have not forgotten my phone number. Isn't that a pathetic statement?
You've grown, in this year and I half that I haven't seen you. You're worried about your weight, you say. And still I find you hot. Oh, yeah I liked your body then and still like it now. You're the perfect down payment for a daddy. You'll be yummy once you get out of your twenties -and at the speed this is going, it'll be in no time! I can't believe it's been basically two years!- you'll see. You really don't know what you've got. Hopefully, you'll realize it soon.
It's good to talk to you. And knowing that we have all those things in common (sex in the woods when younger, straight men in our menu...) makes it all much more fun. We seem to tap in the same signals when looking at men and getting turned on by them: we like the fact that they are men and it's their manliness what we find hot. Pity it's only straight men for you. I've found that in plenty of gay men. That je ne sais quoi that make some men irresistible -for us, at least- and that we cannot describe differs from gay man to gay man but it's still there.
I think you have some of those qualities, obviously, because I found/find you attractive. Your walk, for example. And it's not to make you feel self-conscious (I know you'll be from now on. Fuck.) It's the way you move, that 'here's at' attitude that makes some of us think of what you have between your legs. Yum. Anyway, it was good to see you and talk about men and see your room and talk about XY and guys and pot and stuff.
See you around, babyboy. And as I told you, I'm lucky I decided I was not going to let you fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours that night at the motel. I'd be at that apartment right now, pushing that girl out of the sofa in front of the TV, waiting for you to decide you want to do me again. Be good and keep the walking up.




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