Like water for chocolate

Been in a different mood lately. I think it's the excercise. I think I'm going to try new things when he comes back. I am about to think that it may be ME who's totally freaking out and not letting me be well, me.
I was wondering about that letting go we were talking about. Pity pot does not have a good effect on me. Sometimes I wish drugs and alcohol would have in me the effect they seem to have on the rest of the fucking planet. Take you, for example: you say you like getting drunk because you 'have fun'. I don't . I just fall asleep. And just the smell of pot gives me headaches.
But I know I can get my freak on. I've gotten on before. I guess I'm out of practice. But practice makes perfect. Isn't that what they say? I guess I have to get drunk on him, as it is suppossed to be. It should be like riding a bike. It becomes natural once you are straddling it again.
Oh, and now we are 'friends' on Myspace. I guess that makes the masquerade even more real. So are you going to get that stuff I asked you to get for me?

Pretty please?

Oh, the very edible gentleman up there comes from 


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