Super... you?

For all that matters, I'm not pissed at you. Did you think that your never ending egocentrism has gotten to me? I keep forgetting that after all your braggadocio you are NOT Superman. You may bet to be some kind of Clark Kent. Sans the glasses. I remember you lost them?
Still, that was an unexpected reaction. You writing to ask about the meaning of a few words? It should not surprise me, though. You only seem to react when there's a mistery, a riddle to be solved. Pedestrial matters seem to bore you to tears. You crave the thrill of the drama. It should be the actor in you. But nope, not this time. You have not done anything too drastic to make throw down in ones and zeroes in one of those social networking sites. Not yet, anyway.
It was good to read you, though. You still seem to come alive more often online than in RT. And I'm still waiting to see if you can get that pot for me.
Cheers, babyboy.

Oh, the super-daddy illustrating this post is from:


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  2. he visitado la página de Igallery...y me fascinan esas pierden, muy buena recomendacion...a ver si resuelvo mis temas, y vuelvo a mi blog. Recibe un abrazote fuerte


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