Awww..... Boyfriending!

This has got to be the. most. romantic. thing. EVER!
Chris sees Nick on youtube. Chris makes video for Nick on youtube. Nick responds to Chris' video. Cyber- Romance ensues.
It's not only sweet but one more proof of the power of these ones and zeros on our lives nowadays. Imagine you see the man of your dreams online in a public video sharing site and make a video for him. He just happens to think that the sight of you singing Sexy Boy and his producing Reddi Whip out of thin air and an giving you a wink just make you respond to his video. Oh, and Chris tells all those other bitches wanting to call the attention of the man of his dreams to step back while brandishing a pair of scissors that look like those childproof scissors for kids? Too funny.

Oh, and Chris lives in New York and nick in fucking Iowa. Our is it Chicago? I have to go back and watch it all again. But after several videos come and go, Nick comes to visit Chris in N.Y. The videos in between the Reddi Whip and the N.Y. visit -and subsequent video recounting it- is a testimony to both the power of cyberspace, creativity and to storytelling. These guys are interesting because they are, well, themselves. They explore several themes (ethnicity, given that one helps the other connect to his long-lost possible roots; gender, because it's two gay men fighting the odds of the online hookup and going above and beyond the 'let's fuck' mystique and also human nature, because one has to totally trust the other and go visit him in his turf, admitting to vulnerability -even though he was the one being romanced- and many other themes. You'll have to watch them all to know).

Now I'm totally like, addicted to the whole thing and I've watched most of the videos (in fucking chronological order, because it's good to be compulsive and being used to reading sagas -Harry Potter, anyone?- where you have to wait for the next installment). It's totally endearing to see them bond online and then in the flesh. The video of Chris saying 'bye', filmed at Nick's apartment felt almost like intruding: the looks, the closeness, the totally blissful vibe .... *sigh*. So go ahead and let the romantic in you enjoy this little piece of internet trivia. The story has not ended and we don't know what will be of Nick visiting Iowa (fucking Iowa? But of course, where else are you going to find cute little Swedes?) It gives me hope, this series of videos, knowing that romance is fucking alive and kicking. Not to mention that it makes for very cool and imaginative storytelling

Oh, and I've totally subscribed to the whole thing. And you could carry out an ethnographic study just with the responses these guys have garnered. So go ahead, knock your socks off. You'll giggle and sigh and roll your eyes and end up totally disgusted with yourself when you give in to that romantic that I'm sure is laying down under all that cynicism. Yay for romance!

The whole shebang.




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