His Dark Materials

With all the feeling, imagination and sensibility that The Chronicles of Narnia lack -and wish for- Phillip Pullman's amazing story will come to the big screen. Without the xenophobic, misogynistic and moronic subtext with which Lewis introduced his muscular-Christianity-pandering copy of Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials manages to be intelligent, creative, entertaining and above all, original. With a female hero(ine) who dares to grow, feel and defy the almighty church, this tale demands intelligence and critical thinking. Something that the sleepy sheep smothered in dogma will never fathom.
I can't wait for this movie to come (and hopefully, the whole trilogy will make it to the big screen). I'm ready for Lyra, her Oxford, her bear companion, the witches, Pantamalion, even the golden monkey and Miss Coulter. I'm even ready to see all the subversive sub-themes in the books being sugar-coated to pander to audiences in the U.S., but there is no syrup strong enough to tame the message of freedom, perseverance and adventure that the series has running through its pages.
And the fact that Lyra's father's role is played by Daniel Craig makes these series only more interesting. Lord Azrael will never look better.




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