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Facebook, Myspace, MSN Spaces, here, there, everywhere... I'm losing count. And sometimes it feels like I've lost myself. I seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Always disperse in the primordial soup of the new millennium. But sometimes there's a voice you can actually hear, a face you recognize and most important a feeling you seem to share.
There is a contact, once in awhile and then you feel the complicity, the shared thrill of actually seeing and being seen. The ones and zeros actually begin to mean something to you, too. Lost in cyberspace you become whole once again, when there's a touch without touching, a sight without seeing, a feeling that engulfs everything. And it's good.

In the words of Bjork:

I wish: I want to stay here
I wish: this be enough
I wish: I only love you
I wish: simplicity

Look at the speed out there
It magnetizes me to it
And I have no fear
I'm only into this to

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

I wish I'd only look
And didn't have to touch
I wish I'd only smell this
And didn't have to taste
How can I ignore?
This is sex without touching
I'm going to explore
I'm only into this to

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

And he's out there, six hours ahead. And even though it's fleeting and even though it's tenuous, he's there. And I know it. And he does, too. And that's enough.




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