Oh, well.
Yet another sleepless night. My biorhythm is totally fucked up. Here I am, after four thirty in the morning, on a Sunday. After trolling some of my fav blogs (El Ansia, yeah!) I got hooked on YouTube. Fascinating the amount of stuff you find there. I started by watching this Spanish short about a guy who's a biology teacher who ends up with AIDS. Incredibly tight, well acted and ... well, real. The story of this boy whose father (worried that his 'boy' is not getting any) hires a prostitute (almost just out of her teens herself) to 'train' him. Not an unusual scenario in some countries, mind you. Then when the boy gets to the room where the girl is waiting (in a generic trashy hotel) he totally freaks and hides in the bathroom. The story has the girl totally catching on the guy's vibe ("...there's this girl I like at school') and ends up teaching him some lessons on humanity.
Then I moved on to explore Mecano, a group that is still one of my favourites (Hoy no me puedo levantar) and then I moved on to explore more of the poster's videos of short films. He's uploaded several short films there and even though you have to keep clicking to see the rest, you find out after two hours that you have not felt time passing by. I wonder if it's the same when you are uploading your tastes and your thoughts up on YouTube. I've found most anything up there. From the funny to the heartfelt to the political. Better than cable t.v.
Fascinating, how a sleepless mind can jump from one topic to the other, high on its own Mountain Dew, frantically blinking to catch all the information that is out there and calls its attention. Right now I can't remember how many seven-and-ten minute videos I have watched. And sleep is not closer, either. I guess I'll just keep on watching, then. Until sleep comes and I can rest. For today.


  1. So... I think that we've suffered together the effects of the sleeples moon change...jejeje... Thanks a lote for your reference, your words, your wishes and over more your complicity... So... A la vuelta, espero traer mas palabras, y por supuesto anecdotas que compartir contigo. Un beso ;)

  2. Por ha encantado $30!!... seguro que, mas de uno ha pasado de forma real por una situacion asi...


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