On bad boys

I just watched Half Nelson, a really cool movie with Ryan Gosling. And I have to confess that even though the topic was cool (teacher gone wild) and I could take it as a cautionary tale (replacing drugs with anything else) it was the idea of watching an hour and a half of Gosling what called my attention.
He's been on my radar ever since The Slaughter Rule with my all-time daddy-role-model David Morse -yum- where the two have a very intense and bittersweet relationship. I commented on that somewhere in this blog. There is a total homoerotic subtext in that movie, of course. I know, many people remember Gosling because of The Notebook -which I have not seen- one of those uber-romantic ten-kerchief movies. I prefer him as he appeared in the SR or in HN: troubled, tormented, sexy? I know I want to watch him in those movies because I know that sex with him will be very similar to how he portrays it in those movies: all hard limbs and hungry mouth and sweat and cum. How do I know? I'm delusional. Go ahead, sue me.
But seriously, is our penchant for troubled boy/men ever going to abate? Why is the sensitive and handsome/brooding/sexy one always our downfall? Because unfortunately, in real life things are not solved as they are at the end of the one hundred and fifty minutes it takes a screenwriter to solve them in the film. It's trouble. It's complicated. It's messy. It's hot.
We have to wake up the next morning and look at ourselves in the mirror when we shave and wonder why we did it. But sometimes it's worth it. And sometimes it isn't. And I know that (been there several times, meh). So lately I resort to watching Gosling and his cute mug and his tigthy-whity-clad butt and dick on screen instead of getting entangled with the real-world version, who usually turns out to be lethally toxic.
So right now I'm actually considering watching The Notebook. And I should not probably read the book, so I can get the full saccharine effect from the film. Does he appear half-dressed in any scene, I wonder? Because that would definitely be a plus. I know, I know. I should watch movies for their content. But I have a weak spot for troubled men. Tsk, tsk...


  1. Pues, I haven't seen this movie, but... Que cambio mas chulo le has dado a tu blog!!... evolución... si señor... jejeje..Bueno, aprovecho mis visitas para poner en practica mi english... tengo que recuperarlo, he perdido muucho... Un abrazote.. y sigue asi. ;)


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