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Oh, Lars...

I have discovered that it's not just the 'hot' factor what really attracts me to some men, but the fact that they are sui generis and kind of an underdog that really gets me going. Well, that and the fact that they look good naked. But anyways. I went to see Lars and the Real Girl with Ryan Gosling and I confirmed that I have a huge crush on him.
Ever since I saw him in the Slaughter Rule I have dedicated myself to watching all of his movies.
Up until now I've seen almost all the latest one and I'm missing apparently two (The Notebook, a tearjerker of an adaptation of a popular novel and some other movie where he plays a sociopath (ahhh....)) and I keep thinking about how hot this man is. Of course he may not be anything like the men he plays, but I imagine some part of him transpires to the big screen.
I imagine it is because I connect with the underdog at many levels (being a minority inside a minority may have to do with it) but also because all my life I've felt... well, different. I've grown up differently to my peers and in different ways, I've always liked things that some people find unusual (weird pop music, weird fantasy books, stuff like that) and I have always acted in a, well, weird way (I usually say what I think -not as radical at Tourette's, mind you- and I have gut reactions about people and things that I most of the time follow). So I guess I can connect to these men that Gosling portrays so well. The fact that I truly find him attractive (either as the hot sportsman in The Slaughter Rule or the junkie teacher in Half Nelson I would still hit that like a ton of bricks.
So what if those men he has played have issues ? Not like I don't have mine. It's the kind of humanity that he projects (like the emotionally and socially stunted guy in Lars....) what really gives me a big boner for him. It's the vulnerability he projects, that open stare that shows everything he feels, the refusal to appear only as a young god (he's got the looks for it) and the 'normalcy' of his fucked up characters make him very accessible and desirable.
Not like I will stop ogling Jake Gyllenhaal's beautiful torso and puppy eyes any time soon, But still, Gosling is right now my number one man. All because he comes across on screen as... well, 'normal'. 'Normal in the sense that he is vulnerable, has bad hair days and fluctuates in weight and levels of scruffiness. He also portrays men who are troubled but loved and outsiders who do not give up on themselves for being castaways. And the fact that he's attractive does not do anything to persuade me not to fantasize about getting it on with a guy like him. Not at all...


  1. ummmm..para mi gusto...un rostro demasiado... infantil?¿¿?...jejeje.. bueno, por suerte para gusto se hicieron los colores... Un abrazote amigo...


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