Been there for Miss Jackson. Ever since that 'This is about Control, and I've got lots of it!' line. I've gotten each one of her CDs and have stood by her, especially after the debacle of the nipplegate with Justin Timberlake (who IMO chickened out and showed less balls than Janet, but that's another story).

So here's Janet back, showing the world that she's it. People in forums and blogs and all over the video sharing sites are divided: some love the song or the video or both. Some make disparaging comments about the way she looks (Eartha Kitt's Catwoman, Tyra's hair) or dances (Britney copied her moves, that is all I'm saying) or sounds (she's never had a great voice, Janet is a pop product who just happens to be re-using a vocoder -remember That's the way love goes? that's Janet vocoded!- not following Brit's lead)without thinking that their ignorant comments only make fans come up with explanations to debunk their idiocy.

And while trolling for Janet's Feedback, I found this other video. It's Feedback all right, but the boy in it makes me hunger for some chocolate. And I'm not talking about the product of the seeds of the cacao tree. He could strum me like a guitar and blow up my amplifier any time...

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