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His name is Bryce. I met him during a period of my life when everything was better and worse. Funny, how contradictory I usually am. Have I told you that my life sometimes reads like a fucking soap opera? Ok. Bryce. I met him years ago by chance (in a chat room talking about Linux. Don't ask. I have a thing for geeky handsome things) and we struck up a conversation. Things got really intense really quickly online and then we moved on to a more personal approach.
Oh, not sex. We did not have sex right away. You see, It was one of those let's-hold-hands, let's-sit-in-lonely-places, let's-talk-and-kiss kind of relationships when we started. It was awesome. It went on and on like that for months. But it was fun. You see, he is younger than I am and I did not take him too seriously. And I think he didn't take me too seriously either. He was having problems at home. Me, too. He was new in the city. Me, too. He had friends but still managed to spend a lot of time with me. We were like two peas in a pod. And ended spending every waking moment together. And I used to listen to this song by Poe all the fucking time. It reminded me of him.

We kept our little romance going even though he had to take the bus to see me and rely on friends to give him rides. I loved it. It was so Justin in Queer as Folk that it was silly. Then him and two friends moved to a small house in the ghetto. I spent hours and hours there, helping them make a home for themselves, talking to the girls and getting it on with Bryce. He was delicious. I made him blush and hard and he made me happy. And then, one day, as fast as it had started, it ended. He went back to Peoria (I know, don't snicker) and I stayed. We got back in touch a year ago or so. Thank goodness for IM. He got married, was not happy. His life is still a little unraveled but he has gotten much of it under control. I still remember his eyes and his kisses. No one has kissed me like him ever since.
I would take a ride with him in a heartbeat. Even now. Didn't I tell you my life is a soap opera? I was not kidding.


  1. "talking about Linux"???? Wow!!!
    Interesante relato mi amigo.... asi me sucedió una vez... ahora él y su poco agraciada novia van al gym en el mismo horario en que y voy.... es bizarro.
    SAludos desde mi lejana galaxia


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