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I've posted Colton Ford here before. Not only because he's hot. Oh, well what the hell. BECAUSE I think that's he's hot. But also because I've liked his songs. I think that the fact that he was a porn star just adds to his allure. I mean, you would think that here in the United States that would be a deterrent to actually have a career in anything else (with the mind-blogging puritanism Americans consider a way of life) but apparently it is not the case (look at Tracy Lords and more recently Jenna Jameson and that lady who calls herself 'the head').
Colton personifies the man I used to lust about when I was younger: tall, strong, with some gray and good in bed. I grew up reading Honcho magazine and I LOVE the porn that came out in the late seventies and early eighties (William Higgings, Catalina, the lot). And even though my tastes have evolved slightly (as you can see if you check the smut I've posted in this site) I still lean towards this kind of man. It's some kind of contradictory that I cheerfully despise the 'straight-acting' label of the muscle Marys but yet cannot help but admire the rough defiance of a man who has sucked cock and eaten ass on camera for a living. And also, this is no gay-for-pay dumbass. Colton is gay. And proud of it. Just ask his boyfriend.

For more Colton, visit his MySpace page. Yes, EVERYfuckingBODY has a MySpace page these days...


  1. have u checked out the documentry they made of his. I think I got it off of some gay torrent website. its about him breaking out of porn to do music.


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