One of my New Year's resolutions? Stay away from fucking trouble. I need to get my own mind right.
Trouble. Trouble in the shape of pretty young things that flirt their little hearts out with you and crush on you and then move on. Trouble in the shape of infatuations that go nowhere and only leave you drained. Trouble in the shape of bitching out your boyfriend because he's totally changed and you feel tricked into living with a man you no longer know. Trouble in the shape of innuendo and words that can be misconstrued and can lead you to cheat, following the scent of lust. Trouble. In the shape of bodies that promise you the lust you crave.
Trouble in the shape and form of the ones and zeroes that usually give you exactly what you want. Then and there.
Trouble. River of no return.
Not that I've ever kept to my word to stick to my New Year's resolutions. But there's always a first time.


  1. Espero que este sea un Happy happy New year for iu my friend!!!!... I hope return soon. Estoy algo desconectado, a ver si me desperezo... Un abrazote y que seas feliz!!!.


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