In her new video/song Mariah explores two things I find fascinating: the web ( how dangerously popular it is) and its thousand of options and geeks. Geeks are hot. Why? For one, they are the underdogs: always relegated to listening to Weezer and looking at the hotties cavort, while totally upgrading their MacBooks and synching them with their iPods and their iPhones. Hot. Not to mention that in bed, they totally rule. When you get them all hot and bothered, you're in for a ride.

As for the internet part, it was surprising finding her warn whomever was there with her (hookup, first date, whatever) that they better not film anything they do because she doesn't want to find their private moments played out in the internet. Fascinating. I guess that's going to become a common disclaimer in online hookup sites: "no fats, no femmes, no filming". Because not all of us would like to spend a Night in Paris (but would like to enjoy Rick Solomon's piece) and have then the world enjoy it. So unplug that webcam. I'm coming over.



  1. jajaja... tremenda la carey... y tus post ;) abrazotes


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