A kiss is not just a kiss

My friend Homosapiensis has branched out and has started vlogging, too. Funny, how we seem to like many of the same things (well, duh! That's why we are 'friends' (or cyberfriends,which is one of the many morphings 'friendship' has suffered as of late). It's uncanny and at the same time comforting, knowing that you are not alone. Not alone in your vanilla tastes and not alone in your kinkyness. I have confessed before my penchant for being kissed. If a man kisses well, I'd be his without too many questions. If he kisses me and I feel him letting go of everything I know he will fuck me with the same abandon. A good kisser has always been a good lay. At least in my book.

What is a good kiss? Inquiring minds would probably want to know. Well, a good kiss is not always a French kiss. Even though that is something delicious in its ow fashion. It could be a short playing with your lips, a soft, short licking of your lower lip, a slight bite. It's all in the delivery, like many other delicious things: if the man holds you close, looks you in the eyes and then proceeds to turn his head ever so slightly, looking at you until it's almost impossible to keep looking, then proceeds to slowly move his lips over yours, probing with his tongue, retreating, going back, retreating, going back, retreating....

And you feel your breathing becoming ragged. You don't want to let him go. You relax, you take deep breaths, your blood pumps, your heart races and all you want is him.



  1. ¡Matame!
    Bésame, bésame mucho, como si fuera esta noche la última vez...

  2. Pues... para mi un buen beso es el que no se detiene, incluso hasta despues que terminas de hacer el amor.... Grrrrr!... Un abrazote Sixpence!! ;)


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