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(Almost) Freaking OUT

I am stressed out. My life depends on other people and that sucks. Big time.
I don't like it when decisions (big ones) that have huge influence in my life are taken by other people. Gosh, I'm so stressed out that I cannot even think straight. Not that I'd want to, but seriously, this is not a good feeling.
I feel powerless, I feel useless and I feel angry.
Hopefully, but tomorrow afternoon, everything will be clear.
Meanwhile, wish me luck. I've always had plenty of that. No way I'm running out.

UPDATE: The whole thing was kind of UGH with a dash of MEH. I have to wait a week or two to see.. Fantastic. I'll just develop an ulcer ;-) Kidding. Che sera, sera. But still, I have knots in my stomach and I cannot stop thinking about it. Ugh. It'll be an ugly wait these weeks while I know the decision....




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