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One poster just commented on my being passionate about what I write. I guess I am. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to rant the way I do here. As I have said before, blogging is the best therapy. And we blog about what worries us, about what obsesses us, about what impresses us most. And I'm impressed with Skoooozle.

He seems to embody this uber-sexual character, a little flighty, uninhibited, confident and a little cocky that we find in many an erotic story. He actually seems to be a character in his own erotic stories, mixing reminiscent passages from when he was younger, some (pretty hot) family stories and snippets of what his life has been. Much, much interesting than the stupid fare you see on TV, that's for real. He publishes videos of himself 'skoooozling' -what he calls jerking off- and the most amazingly hot porn you'll ever find. His taste is omnivorous (like mine, I guess and we all want to see our taste reflected in others) and he posts about twinks and about men over thirty and about barebacking (he seems to have a slight aversion to condoms) and about all kinds of awesome erotic adventures. Very, very horny this guy. He's like a six-foot-one Id, working the internet. And as you can see in that video, he's very handsome. Something pretty unusual, a guy who peddles porn online for his own enjoyment and who chronicles that enjoyment is something rare. Most porn bloggers do not show his face. I can only think about starrfucker, who also has a myspace page. And Princekai, a handsome guy who also posts clips of himself getting it on with his man and of handsome amateur men over thirty (a little bit on the other side of the spectrum from Skoooozle, who prefers twinks). But nobody like Eric, my fav porn provider. I guess more and more people are posting stuff about themselves online unafraid of stroking their libidos for the world to see.

I IMd Skoooozle once or twice when he had other blog (he closed it, I guess due to some copyright stuff) and he seemed friendly and cool. Have not IMd him again, though. But I visit him regularly, the same I visit the other bloggers I like. I'm telling you, I come alive most when I'm in the ones and zeros. Neo, reloaded.


  1. Thanks! Skoooozle is the best! love its videos!


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