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It's just a little crush...

Well, we all know that there's no distance or privacy or modesty in the age of the internet. And all that works fine for me. You see, it's better this way because you have the chance to drift along your thoughts and ogle men to your heart's content without the drawback of being called upon it. I know, men feel they have the right to ogle others but not being ogled themselves. Funny, ain't it?

But there are some men who really like being ogled and drooled upon and even cajoled out of their clothes for all the world to see. And those are my favorites. Nowadays with all the advantages technology brings that is as easy as clicking in your favorite video site. There is no modesty online and sometimes no limits. But I go for the ones that just simply enjoy sharing themselves and showing themselves off to other people, no matter if it's to dudes or dudettes. Very omnisexual, I'd say. Men with no qualms as to who is watching them as long as there is somebody watching them show off their attributes. No more stories of the pervert in the raincoat, waiting for some blushing schoolgirls to pounce upon. I guess their logic is, why show yourself to a few people if there could be thousands watching in one day?

I know. It's the exhibitionist's wet dream. And voyeur's too. Because as there are people willing to show themselves off online, there are twice as many that really like to gawk at them (that's my case, if you have not guessed). I think I could never show myself to people (well, I have shown myself to this one guy, but that's another story) in a public forum like the x-rated video sites, but I certainly enjoy men showing themselves off there. I think it's the coolest -and hottest- thing ever. And right now I'm totally into this guy who calls himself gymstud1.

I find him to be very cute, kind of a next-door-guy with a touch of smart that makes him totally adorable. His body is nice, not too muscular but not flabby. He's hairy (a plus, if you ask me) without that fake, waxed and booth-tanned look that some men (with incredible bodies) that populate these sites have. Still, he prances and struts his stuff but he does it with ease, comfortably, as if you were there with him and him whipping out his dick and taking off his clothes were the most natural thing in the world. He's obviously getting off on the admiration he's sure to provoke in others (his nickname in the site tells us he's into taking care of his body) yet there's some candid quality to his unrelenting exhibitionism that makes him really hot. At least in my eyes. Natural is always hot in my book.

I think what I find attractive in him is both his natural ease at being naked and lusty and some hint of innocence that makes his exploits irresistible to me. He seems to be very.. cool, very tidy and his bed and clothes are always nice and... common? He totally gives off the vibe to do all this just as a second thought, like something that just happened to happen. Of course I could be totally wrong and he could be totally premeditated. But it's all fantasy, isn't it? It's all in the eye of the beholder. Not to mention that I would totally want for him to do me good. Oh, yeah. I'd hit that. No questions asked.

In this age of ones and zeroes actually meeting anybody we meet/see online is quite the feat. Like the experience DarkAngel just had. I think his experience was really cool. He got to talk with a fellow blogger and found out that the person behind the keyboard was real. And nice to boot. And I think it would be really awesome to actually talk to this guy and see if the idea I have of him does correspond to what he projects in those snippets of his lust I witness online. Maybe he's just like the rest of us, only more uninhibited. But maybe he's a major douche with a terrible attitude. So I guess it's better to leave him to my imagination. Crushes are not meant to be real. They are meant to be enjoyed. So I'll go back to enjoying this dreamy guy because that's what he's there for...


  1. Guauuuu!... hot hot hot... increible tu post amigo, ahora si que te has liberado!!!... En cuanto a Gymstud, si, fisicamente corresponde al tipo de tio que tiene un buen cuerpo, es morboso, seguramente tímido, fuera de ese escenario... Y cierto es que internet ha revolucionado la forma en que nos relacionamos y nos comunicamos, aunque creo que no siempre para bien, porque eso también nos lleva a encerrarnos en la burbuja de esa fantasía fácil, o de satisfacción rápida, haciendo que estemos menos dispuestos a atrevernos a "buscar" satisfacer nuestros deseos, e incluso necesidades, en otros escenarios más personales, POr otro lado nos facilita el no tener que confrontar nuestras dudas, como dices, o inseguridades.No lo critico, para nada, porque sea como sea es una forma más de "sacar" cosas que hay que sacar, para que no se hagan insanas... te felicito y gracias amigo por compartir esta fantasía adorable y picante con nosotros. Un abrazote. ( Y dale saludos de mi parte a este chicarróooon!)

  2. Hi, i stumbled across your blog while looking at what were the remains of the videos i posted on xtube like 10 years ago. I found an article you wrote on july 31 2008 and i thought i would write to you to thank you for these kind words about me (aka gymstud1 back in these years ;)). I still show off on Twitter and Chaturbate. If you want to see more, let me know! I'm glad that you are still writing and updating your blog.


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