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Oh, work.
The wonderful place where we make money. Well, it's been an interesting weekend. I learned that people who work with me scheme and talk about me behind my back. Nothing new, I guess. It's the same old story, just the theme with which so many authors have made themselves rich by writing soap operas and creating shows like... "The Office".
But it's the first time I actually think about (and suffer through) it. Probably because even though I have proof of their wicked ways when talking and scheming against somebody else, I thought I had no reason to worry. Silly me. If I have witnessed it firsthand done to others, what told me I was immune to it? I've seen them do it to other people many times. Why would it be any different with me?
But deep down, I think I don't feel betrayed by their spectacular bitchiness. I feel sad. Because I thought things were different. Because I thought they liked me and respected me the way I liked and respected them. Because I feel that everything that has been said and done when I got hired has been a lie.
But there'll be no love lost. Because there's the possibility that I'd have to quit this job. Without even finishing the term. One never knows what destiny may bring, huh? Much less in my situation.
In any case, I felt mad for a few minutes. And then sad. Because the people I have been giving my affection and hard work to are actually nitpicky backstabbers in a power trip.
Sad, sad, sad.
Guess it's part of growing up. Sadder still.


  1. El trabajo... Es muy complicado, puede llegar a pasar lo que te pasó o conseguir amigos entreñables. A mi me ha ido como bien porque he sabido manejar las múltiples personalidades que me han tocado.


  2. Pues amigo, esto suele pasar, en tooodos los trabajos, y en todos los entornos... pero, hay que toamrlo como una lección para ser más selectivo, por mucho buen rollo que se quiera tener y se ofrezca, no todo el mundo lo merece.... En mi caso, siempre siempre, en los ambientes de trabajo, al comienzo soy bastante reservado y serio... y Poco a poco le doy confianza a la gente que se la merece... Es lo mejor... Asi que pasa página, y sigue adelante, que seguro que te esperan nuevas e increibles experiencias, porque tu als mereces!!!!. Un fuerte abrazote

  3. No es nada agradable lo que cuentas, pero no eres el único, ni primero ni último al que le toca vivir y padecer las habladurías en el trabajo y, normalmente, hechas por indiviuos-as que no le llegan a uno a la altura de la rodilla.

    Ánimo y deja que te envidien, ya que hay tiparracos que no pueden soportar que haya a su alrededor alguien que valga más que ellos.

    Un fuerte abrazo y ánimo.


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