Truly colored

This ad comes from Sweden. Bjorn Borg owns a clothing company and this video is part of their ad campaign. Instances like this one, make me think about moving to another country instead of staying in the united states and witness the bigotry, ignorance and backward way of thinking of the christianist movement.
True colors, indeed.


  1. the love is too beautiful to be hidden away...

    Sin palabras...

  2. Sin palabras..... me ha encantado este video.... lo he visto mil veces ya pero sigo pensando que es inteligente, mordaz y sincero
    besos desde mi lejana galaxia

  3. i love the image that you put in the bathroom that make references at the appartheid
    i am gonna post in my blog and put the link with yours.

    glad to read you, is the first time that i come from here, but i like, and i continue passing
    huge from caracas


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