And now for something totally gratuitous...

Just because I am a little *down* this week and because I go back to my job on Monday, something completely gratuitous: a song by Yelle and a video I find totally cool. This is a remix of a song that sticks to your head and that shows a bunch of guys dancing. Totally far from the idiocy and moves you see in the U.S. videos, and a beat that somehow reminded me of M.I.A and Santogold's music.
Also, a very rare glimpse at men in tight pants. Something I'm all for (hmmm tight pants...). All the time. And I'm totally partial to the guy in the middle... eighties flashback haircut and very nice thighs... yum!
If you want to be amazed by the ignorance and homophobia prevalent in YouTube, go read the comments they post under the video. Of course, there's a bunch of people that comment on how cool the song is or to try to explain the dance to the haters. To no avail, I imagine. Ignorance is not bliss. I wonder if people (mainly men) are always so very afraid of looking at other men doing something that escapes their sense and idea of masculinity. Fear begets hatred. No question about it. So hope you're having a great beginning of year. Mine is just a little bit 'meh'. Let's hope everything gets to a cool start and gets better next week. One has to keep a positive outlook, don't you think? And thanks for reading.




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