Haven't I seen you somewhere before....?

Madonna has done it again. Everybody is talking about her and Celebration, her last CD for Warner before she moves on to a new record contract. Funny thing is, most of the comments are very ageist and misogynistic. If it were a 50-year-old male rocker cavorting with a 20-year-old groupie in a video, nobody would bat an eye. But it's a woman who's older, wiser, richer and more famous than her boy toy. And that ruffles some feathers. Talk about double standards. People cannot take powerful females (or gay men, for what matters). Probably because most people are brought up with a very paternalistic and patriarchal view of the world and what happens in it. But I applaud Madge and her taste for music and men (I thought Guy was HOT). And hope she keeps making music. To keep all the haters hating. And suffering. Because I'm sure she'll laugh all the way to the bank. And will totally boink Jesus Luz until she's too tired to jump his bones. I'd do the same. Wouldn't you?

So, come join the party...


  1. I guess i just didn't recognize you with your clothes on...


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