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This is where I'll be so heavenly,
so come and dance with me Michael
So sexy, I'm sexy,
so come and dance with me Michael
I'm all that you see, you wanna see,
so come and dance with me Michael
So close now, so close now,
so come and dance with me, so come and dance with me, so come and dance
with me

you're the boy with all the leather hips,
sticky hair, sticky hips,
stubble on my sticky lips

Oh well. I guess it was bound to happen. Among all the hundreds of guys I see every day I have to go and crush on this one who's in my class. FML. But he's adorable. Very tall and with that kind of 'aw-shucks' attitude that usually draws you right in. He's got puppy eyes framed by long, dark lashes and a quick smile. Nice hands and long legs, not much of a 'body' and that's fine with me. I kind of mistrust guys with too many muscles. I've noticed a little bit of a stubble sometimes and a strange swiftness of move rare in very tall guys, who tend to be gangly and all arms and legs. A quick wit, too, very smart and sharp. And a strange vulnerability that he tries to cover with flashes of cockiness. But I can see right through it. It pays being older than the guys you're crushing on. You've been there and done them before.
It does not help that I've been slightly lonely these past months, either. What with the new city/job/home thing and all the shit that's going on right now. And of course on top of that, he's straight. Because to have a regression like this, it would not be worthy of my gay card to crush on a gay guy. It's ridiculous.
But I kind of like it. I keep my cool and I keep watching him. Like a hawk. Feeding my onanistic fantasies. And letting time go by...


  1. Qué bonito, el matiz de círculo vicioso colectivo en el que estamos todos condenados a sufrir.

    Un abrazote.


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