And the beat, does it go on?

It's been awhile...
I know, I shouldn't have to wait all this long to update one of the things that kept me going through a lot of stuff. Guess I'm now at the doors of (yet) another change, so I just ran back to the familiar.
Blogger was a very, very close 'friend' and a great friend to go through the catharsis that I so badly needed awhile ago. I thought, 'why not?' and here I am again.
Merlin Purpura found me somewhere in the interwebs and asked something like 'wtf are you doing that you're not on blogger anymore?' and I kind of shrugged and sent him my tumblr url.
That's right. I've done blogger wrong. I have been cheating on it with Tumblr, a more streamlined, quicker, ADD-riddled version of... this.
I think blogged helped me think through some shitstorms awhile ago and was both a window that I kept open when all the doors were closing and the escape to too much thinking. Writing in cyberspace is much more comforting and cheaper than a therapist. So there. I hope I come back. 'Cause I shouldn't just deny this thingy here the chance to help me a little bit more. Again.





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