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Ok, so this is how it goes: I lack passion. I'm passionate, but passion does not become me. I basically live a very passionless life. There's affection and love, but no passion. It's like everything about me screams about sexy infatuations and double entendres. But I don't feel it. Or enjoy it. Or share it. Most men my age go through what people usually call 'dry spells' in what concerns sex and relationships. They go from some weeks to some months. The spell has lasted years for me. And I don't know if I actually miss sex. Go figure.

I think I will revise that statement sometime soon. Because those who 'know' me would think 'what the fuck?' if they read this. Maybe an explanation is needed. For them and for myself. Because the problem is that I have not questioned my involvement in all this. Because it takes two to tango. Or not.



  1. Hola Xavi:

    Hermosa la imagen y muy sentidas tus palabras. Yo también sé de lo que hablas, de la sequìa, que a veces es solo fìsica y temporal, y otras, las mas de las veces, es emocional... porque uno se vuelve más selectivo y no está dispuesto a entrar en "rebajas".

    Abrazos mágicos y púrpuras, desde la puta mierda,


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