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Mister Grey will see you now

The passion in your voice I wanna hear as you start to tell me
While you take the blindfold and tie it gently on me
Don't wanna see but feel the things you're gonna do to me
Janet Jackson - Rope Burn 
So you wanna tie me up (again). It's popped up once or twice. I can see it makes you tick and I'm all for anything that makes you tick. As you know, I had that experience years ago and I liked it. I don't mind being tied up.

I find light bondage games intriguing. I'm not well versed in all the paraphernalia (I like leather and I like the Tom of Finland drawings, but leather ITSELF is not exciting to me) but I imagine that BDSM originates with the fetishizing of the attire and percolates into the actions.

I have read bondage erotica and watched some of the hundreds of videos the complicit internet offers and that have to do with the topic. I think a little kink never hurt anybody. And besides, kink is in the eye of the beholder. What for some is the epitome of kinky, for others could be almost vanilla. I don't get to The Story of O realm or even to the 9 1/2 Weeks version of it. Or even to the Sleeping Beauty trilogy idea of what Bondage is. And I laugh at E.L. James' version of it.  I think I may be on the vanilla side of it because I tend to enjoy more the idea of being tied up and giving up power than the actual act. But I'm game.

I don't mind the ropes. I don't mind the blindfold. I don't even mind the gag ball. Well, I don't mind the gag ball for awhile. But you'd want my mouth free, wouldn't you, bae? But let me tell you then what I really don't mind. I really don't mind the manhandling. I really don't mind you taking your pleasure and fucking me in every position you want me. I don't mind some light spanking. I don't mind you making me suck your cock. I don't mind you roughing me up a little bit. I don't mind giving it up to you until you cum. Really. I don't mind it at all.

We are going to have to try again the game of bondage. I know you've been thinking about it. And I think we should talk a little bit more about it. Set some game rules. Because who knows? I may get me some amended Fifty Shades of Gene.



  1. As you know, I'm all for exploring this more. And you know I'm as vanilla as they come, so there won't be anything extreme...unless you want to go there, and it would probably be with trepidation on my part. And you're right about the gag ball. I think we can forgo that. I want your mouth available for other things...passionate about kissing you (see this morning's activity ;) ). And we will set rules and boundaries. All this is safe and among consenting partners. Though one may be dominant at the time, we are partners in this. And to me, your pleasure is more important because you've been a very giving lover.

    So yeah, when we have more time to ourselves, this is something that I would love to explore more with you.



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