Play me like a love song

I guess it's something like a fun fair
Put gas into the motor
And boy I'll meet you right there
We'll ride the rollercoaster

 I think it takes some work to find a good top. Not every man is one, obviously. Having the car keys in your hand does not make you a good driver. Some men are naturals, though. I imagine it's a very tricky combination of finesse, stamina and good old honrniness.  Because I believe it's not enough to have a cock. Or that said cock gets hard. It takes more than a hard cock to make a good top.

Take finesse, for example, it's the way he places you on the bed, on the floor, on the sand. It's the way he handles you. It's the way he touches your body that lets you know that he likes it, that he enjoys it, that he wants it. And I'm not talking about perfunctory touches here and there or the touch that feels like an afterthought. Leave that for confused frat boys after one too many beers. I mean the intentional touch, the touch that even in the heat of the moment feels like he has thought about doing that to you before you got in bed. That's the kind of finesse I'm talking about.

Take stamina. I don't mean he's going to be an Olympian in bed. Or that he's going to pound you for one hour (the horror!) because that's a porn fantasy that only happens with heavy editing and an overzealous director. Some men use their dick as a weapon. And it stops being fun and games at that same moment. I'm talking about a man that gives it to you good but it FEELS good. You can feel that hard dick going in and out and your whole body responds. He may sweat a little. Or a lot. He may stop for a second or two. But he's always there. His body is glued to yours and you can still feel him kissing you, holding you, deep in you. That's the kind of stamina I'm talking about.

Then take horniness. Yes, he needs to be horny. Because horny begets horny. There's nothing like a horny man to make YOU horny. That to me is the secret ingredient. Yes, his dick is hard, yes, he's got it out. But it's what comes AFTER that what makes any coupling feel like it's the first time he fucks you. It's the way he's kissing you: those hungry kisses that make you swoon. It's the way he touches you: that wet finger in you, that gets you ready for him. It's the way he moves you around to get to you better, to slide into you just the right way. It's that tongue licking you up over and over, making you moan and driving you mad. It's the way he talks: those very dirty words whispered just for you, that  moan that tells you he's feeling the first tingles of orgasm. That is the kind of horniness I'm talking about.

So there. That's about it. That's why it's takes some work to find a good top. It's not just putting the the key in the ignition. He needs to know how to DRIVE.




  1. Using the musical analogy in keeping with the title of this post, I think a lot has to do with the instrument one is playing. A musician is only as good as the instrument with which he is provided.

    When we met way back when, I had very limited experience with men, even at my advanced years. Then you came into my life. I had the equipment you were looking for, but very few, if any, accessories (knowledge, finesse, etc.). Being the well tuned instrument that you are, I hope you've made me a better musician. With lust, desire, patience, connection, and dare I say love, you've taken a novice and turned me into a better lover.

    But the lessons aren't over yet, are they, Sugar?



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