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ooh baby


I can feel your body
(Ooh baby)
Pressed against my body
(Ooh baby)
Wrap yourself around me
(Ooh baby)
Love to feel you throbbin
(Ooh baby)

  Janet Jackson - Throb 

Yeah, I know that you wanna make me cum.
And I know that when you do me you really want to take care of me.
But you know that's not why I give in to you so thoroughly, why it always feels so good.

It's always been so good for us because there is that connection, that link, that hot energy that makes me weak. It's always been good because I trust you, because I feel you are giving all you have to give to me in that moment. It's always been good because at that moment you are uninhibited, unbound, unencumbered. It's always been good because when you're pounding away I can feel you throbbin'.

I give in to you because I can feel that want, that desire, that hot need in you that at the same time makes me hungry for you, for your touch, for your kisses, for your cock. And when I give in to you and you come, it feels like cumming myself. I'm right there with you, on the cusp.

And that, bae, is just as good. Trust me.



  1. We are good together, Sugar. And even though you say it's "just as good" you deserve more. I know that there have been other problems recently that may make it more difficult for you, but maybe with patience and a bigger window of opportunity, we can make it happen. And I'm all for trying some of this again:


    We did some of it once and I loved the control I had over you. I can only imagine what goes through your mind when you're blindfolded. The heightened senses you must have. The sensitivity to touch. The vulnerability you must feel. But we have that trust, the knowledge that we only want the best for each other. And we have a passion for each other. And I savor that every day when I think of you. And I think of you a lot.

    So, yeah, babe, I've gotta get some ties together for the next time we have the extended time available to us ;)



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