Oh well. It was a good run. I did microblogging for awhile. I know, I basically had an open relationship with blogger. I went to tumblr in the heat of the moment. Blogger had been my oyster for a few years and it kept my thoughts and secrets for a long time. Then I decided to micro-blog. It was going to be for a few posts. It looked very pretty and it was NEW and easy. I decided to give it a try. And I stayed there for several years. I made friends there. I posted erotica. I posted everything I wanted. Then somebody big bought the platform. It was not the fun playground it was before. They clamped down on blogs with erotica. They started closing blogs 'as a warning'. Especially blogs that posted erotica and politics, I guess. And those were my bread and butter.
They do it because they can. When a platform becomes 'successful' they grow too big for their britches. It's a natural progression in capitalism, I guess. So when they contacted me for my infraction I sent them a little email.
Oh, Doug I call shenanigans. I do not use ads redirection links. I don't reblog ads. I basically reblog pictures and post the occasional article from Rolling Stone or vice or post a youtube video. Your policies are crap. Your 'terms' are arbitrary. And remember, Myspace was HUGE at one time. Hold on tight. The next big platform is probably around the corner. And when all the fourteen year olds leave you (because they will) some of us will watch with interest. Have a great time chasing russian bots, Dough. Bet it's fun. xoxo
So I'm out. And back here. Let's see if blogger lets me stay. Let's see if I can start anew. It's worth trying, don't you think?




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