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With all the barrage of books and articles about Donald Trump, you'd think people would have a clear idea of the sheer stupidity that surrounds and makes the basic core of this administration. But it seems it's done nothing to make people understand the danger this thin-skinned, bloviating, egotistical, ignorant fool who's now the president of the united states poses to the country.

Every blog I read has posts that calls the attention of its readers to the corruption, ineptitude and absolute incapacity to govern of this administration. The Russian intrusion that gave this stupid, entitled man-child the reins of America, the corruption that permeates each and every one of the people in this administration, who are lining their pockets with all the money they can get their greedy hands on, the incredibly ineptitude of everybody involved in all kinds of shady and backdoor deals. Everything that's happening right now could have been avoided if people would have actually gone out and voted for the one person capable of doing the job: Clinton.

She was not perfect. Still isn't. But the complacency of some Americans, used to never having their lives disrupted, comfortably entrenched in their plush lives,  and who never thought the orange baboon would have a chance in the crowded GOP field that was the primaries gave the country 45. Those Americans who did not vote or voted for Stein or Bernie never saw Twitler coming.

Those people never thought that a few thousand votes would decide such crucial election. They never thought that LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, voting rights, immigration, and most things progressives had taken for granted during Obama would go to hell under the Dotard. If and when Mueller's investigation comes to and end and Cheetolini is taken away in chains (fingers crossed), there'll still be Mike Pence to deal with.  And also the greedy, spineless, corrupt Republicans that let the Toadstool Yeti Pubes do as he pleased just because they wanted a golden parachute.

Fuck them all. And fuck every person who didn't vote or voted for Jill the Shrill or Sanders the Slander. They basically voted for Trump. Fuck every one of those who are right now living their most feverish and racist, sexist, xenophobic dream. Fuck every Trumpard who tunes only to Fox News to find comfort in their echo chamber, fuck each and every stupid motherfucker in that 35% who thinks that this cheating, lying, especially stupid man sitting in the Oval Office right now is the right man to be president of the United States. Fuck them all.

Boy, that felt good. Now I'm going to go get some dark chocolate. I deserve it.



  1. Hmmm, I can think of other ways to decompress after a rant like that 😘.

    Maybe even some of this?

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I agree again. I can't tell you come nice it was being in another country for some time. Last summer I was in Argentina for some time. Both vacations the locales would tell me they feel so sorry for us US citizens for the old fat corrupt bastards and c roonies running this country.


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