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So apparenlty Allen King sings. Allen, as you may know, is a porn star, a very popular one, as far as I can tell for the rank he has on pornhub (yes, there’s a pecking order there, too!). And Allen now has a music video. It's slick and colorful and fun and I'm here for it.

I think it's great when this kind of cross-pollination occurs. On the one side, it humanizes porn stars. I remember when Tracy Lords started acting on 'mainstream' movies. There were some eyebrows that went up a few millimeters. But nowadays, in the era of the internet, there's no limits to self-publishing and an artist does not depend on the approval of big companies to put their product out.

On the other side, who's to say a porn actor cannot do something else? Their forte may be entertaining us with their outstanding physiques and prowess in bed, but I'm sure many of them have OTHER talents (hey, taking all of Rocco Steele IS an achievement). And so does Mr. King. He struts his stuff and prances around with other denizens in a neon-lighted nightscape and around swimming pools. He knows his public. I'm all for men objectifying themselves.

And the sound is fun and the vocals light. Who needs Bocelli when all we want is have fun? He reminded me of that time Colton Ford started singing. I thought it was radical. Ford (born Glenn Soukesian) went back to singing when he quit porn more than ten years ago. I LOVED the video he did with Cazwell! Well, and for those of us who had seen him in all his glory, it was nice to see (yet) another side of him.

So Allen King sing-speaks. Good for him! I'm glad he's out there, jumping around in his music video. Hanging out with handsome men and taking advantage of his moment in the spotlight. We all can use the distraction. It'll keep us entertained and we won't think of the Orange Horror in the White House.



  1. I must admit, I was not aware of Mr. Allan. I had not seen any of his previous work, but I’m glad you brought him to my attention, babe. He is extremely easy on the eyes and has a rocking body. As you mentioned, the video that you posted is light and pretty fun. And the visuals? Those are pretty fun too.

    It is good to see an individual expand their horizons. It shows that there’s so much more that goes unnoticed. Whether it be delving into the musical world, or simply doing acts of kindness, stretching yourself is always good. Whether one talent helps him get more fans for the other, he has the satisfaction of knowing that he has multiple talents.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  2. Colton Ford is one hot guy. He was at the Raven Resort here three summers ago. It's our local gay pool and club here. He is sweet as hell and very talkive. He had me swooning, and even showed me his dick, like I had already not seen it a few hundred times. I looked anyway.


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