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I don't think I'll ever understand that desire so many gay men have of having sex with 'straight' men as a rule. Nope. I figure out that in the hunt for dick, wood is wood, but to what price, nookie? There's a whole cottage industry built around it, too. From Broke Straight Guys to Fresh Off the Base to Bait Bus. Not to mention the Gay for Pay porn stars who even go on national TV to preach the gospel of NoHomo. But I find it boring. For me, it would be like living on a diet of Mountain Dew and Tostitos when I'm living next a supermarket where I can get 'real' food. Because for me, chasing 'straight' men to fuck you instead of getting it on with Bi or Gay men is basically a waste of my time and self-esteem.

I'm all for having sex. Especially having the kind of sex that I want (and deserve). But sex with 'straight' men is kind of lacking. Part of the allure of 'straight' men is their masculinity (as if gay men cannot be masculine?) and that unattainable status that the forbidden implies. But those two requirements make for -a mon avis- very boring and very unfulfilling sex: the 'straight' dude is going to basically be a handsome dead weight and just lay there while you pretend you're getting laid. Because he won't do ANYTHING. It would ruin the fantasy and his image. Well, he'd be breathing. And maybe he'll unzip his zipper? Lift his ass so you can slide his pants down? And then you get to go to work. Because you'll be doing all the work. You'll suck his dick, you'll rub his thighs, you'll sit on his dick and you'll ride it so he can come. And he'll accept your ministrations with a detached glance. Maybe while looking at straight porn, to keep it up? Maybe someone into role play and some BDSM may be happy being subservient and catering to what they perceive as a big, strong man but not all of us have that proclivity. So, no. And that's just one of the problems I have with 'straight' men.

Apart from their apathetic approach to nookie. there's their no kissing rule (I thought that was just for the working girls in Pretty Woman) and what about that 'no homo' attitude after they come? Dude was just ramming his very hard dick in you. But no cuddling. And no affection. And no talking. And no touching you. What the fuck? You just gave him a toe curling orgasm, remember? And now he treats you like a used Kleenex. So now he's got cummer's remorse? Cognitive dissonance is not an aphrodisiac. Having no connection with the man I'm having sex with apart from licking his dick is now a no-no for me.

And I'm talking from experience. I've had my share of 'straight' men. Not Bi. Not heteroflexible. Straight, by their own definition and presentation. I'm the kind of of homo that some men just hone in with a vengeance. Ever since I was very young, there's always been men that 'accidentally' decide to take their dick out when I'm around. And many of these men have been self-proclaimed 'straight'. And they lived by their word: they had wives and girlfriends and proclaimed their heterosexuality at every step. But they were DTF 'only' with me. At that point in my life, I didn't even question it. When I was a teen I was all for nookie with attractive horny men and I enjoyed it. I liked the attention and the release. No strings -or emotions- attached. They were just scratching posts (no pun intended) where I explored myself and my attraction to men. They used me and I used them. It was a fair exchange.

And then I grew up. And got myself real men to fuck me.



  1. I have not had the opportunity (pleasure?), at least to my knowledge, of hooking up with a decidedly straight guy. Since I started my journey very late in life I've never had the opportunity to encounter them. I started exploring on gay.com when it was a place to post and find gay guys for sex. Then I found Squirt.org and then discovered Grindr, where we met. I don't think I encountered a straight guy on any of them, though if they were there, they were probably looking for some fresher meat.

    But I have seen my share of the gay for pay and the Broke Straight Boys and Bait Bus episodes. I must admit, in my naiveté , for a long time I thought of "Broke" in the same way you train a horse, not in the monetary sense 😝. And like you said, there is a certain detachment from the moment, they aren't present in the act. Is it their bravado, the macho man they need to project?

    And having been with you, Sugar, you've spoiled me. You have shown me what it means to be fully involved in the art of sex and love making. I do like to kiss, no make that I LOVE to kiss. And exploring with your mouth is one of the most sensual things you can do. There is a big difference in being in it to get off and being in it for the connection. And in porn you're not going to find that. And I think that the straight guy is there for the same reason, get me off and move on.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. I don't know what it is, but I always s seem to attract straight married men. I saw one guy for about two years. The sex was good with him, although he never would suck me, or let me fuck him. But hot sex. I had another guy who just like to come over and watch me jack off. I much prefer my sex with gay men though.


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