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how do you want it?

How do we know we're doing it well if there's so many options?

Well, I think we do it how we FEEL it. I am one of those people that thinks that the 'Once More, With Feeling!' is the best way to do what we like. But of course, porn has kind of skewed my views a little because well, there's the idea that there MAY be something I should try and then the FOMO is too much. So I started thinking if there IS a position I like better/more/haven't tried.

So I went over my inventory. And I think I've tried most? Not the Kama Stura approved, of course. Some are ridic. Not even Tom Daley would try those and HE has the equipment and stamina to do it. I have tried the ones that I like, I guess. And the ones that seem to give us both pleasure. Because we always go back to our base. We do the adventurous thing but we tend to find that middle ground that feels familiar but exciting and we tend to stay there.

So what if I have not tried The Wheelbarrow, or The 70, or whatever else the kids come up one day and it becomes popular? What if I basically stay with the six or seven that are tried and true to my cause, which is enjoying us, and I just leave all the other positions alone?

Does that make me boring? Because I'm not bored. I've found out after all these years and all these men that I really don't care. I've decided that if I find a man who likes those six or seven positions then I'm good. It's the way we enjoy ourselves within that repertoire what I think counts. It's finding that perfect position where we can kiss while you slid in and out. It's feeling you're grabbing me for dear life because you're feeling it, it's being close enough that the moment you're coming I can hear your grunt/moan in my ear. It's feeling your heart beat. It's the rush and the emotion. Not the 'technique'. I don't need to be hanging from the ceiling to decide that Afternoon Delight was the shit.

Yes, I agree some positions do let you hit that spot better, but I'm sure some also give your dick that sensation that makes you say 'you've got such a nice ass' and at that exact moment I feel we've found the right one. Whichever it is we're in at that moment. Because every moment is different. Even though we've been doing this for some years now. It's the 'Once More, With Feeling' that I'm lusting after. So no matter how you take me,  just do it. Like Nike.



  1. "How do you want it?" It seems that we tend to go with the flow. There really isn't a "routine" but we seem to cover the old faithfuls that please us, that feel good to one, or the other, or both!

    I've said before that until I met you, I really had no desire to eat someone's ass. That all changed the first time we hooked up. There was something about you that said to me, "you've gotta try this." And I found that you really like it when your man eats that hot ass of yours. I think there have been only a few times that we've been together that I have not had the pleasure of sticking my tongue in that hole. And I've never looked back...it's one of my favorite things we do together.

    When we met, I was really a neophyte when it came to M2M sex. I had some encounters on that app and it was pretty rudimentary: wham, bam, thank you man. But over the years, and it's been quite a few years, now, you've been able to broaden my horizons. You're a great teacher, in more ways than one, babe. And you know that I'm open to experimenting with you to give you the pleasure that you deserve. So if there's something on that list that we need to cover, I'm always open for a tutorial.

    And when we're fucking, the important thing is that we're present in the moment, that the connection is there. It's important to me that I make sure you get what you need. And whatever position accomplishes that, I want to make sure we hit it so that I can hit it for you.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍đź’‹‍👨

  2. I agree with the few sexual positions. Not that I'm not open to trying something new, but if you have the right man with good technique, he will make the old 6 or 7 positions seem exciting and put my eyes in the back of my head.


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