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Sean Paul

I know you like Brent Corrigan. I know you like 'em pretty. And I cannot blame you. Nope. Not at all. I actually find the fact that we can share this tidbit of trivia and run with it to be really cool. Why would I feel that you expressing unabashed admiration for another man is somehow threatening? I've seen you check out other men and I'm sure you've seen me do the same. I think that's natural. Finding someone else besides the man you're with attractive should not be considered an affront to him.

I like that you are such a sexual man. You seem to be in touch with your instincts and your desires. You seem to enjoy men just for the fact that they're men. That's hot. I actually like that you like your porn and your porn stars. That tells me that well, you have a healthy sex drive and that you are attracted to me. Because after all, you are having sex with me and not with the men you see on the screen. Not for lack of wanting, because, who would say no to Brent?

Some people may consider their having a favorite porn star a somehow dirty little secret and would not accept or maybe feel threatened by someone they love having another outlet for their erotic energy. I think it may be an asset. I think it speaks of a very assertive approach to their desires and a natural inclination in our development as sexual beings: we like watching people have sex. We also like to look at the object of that desire: men we find attractive. It also tells me that you have a good imagination. And having a good imagination works in our advantage. Having a good imagination can be an indicator of an active mind and that could translate in making you somebody with whom I can engage in more than just fun sex games: we can explore each other in many ways and that makes our being together better.

I'm sure you know there's more to Brent than that bubble butt and that nice cock. I know there is. I have followed him on social media, I have also seen that movie they made about him and his involvement in porn and I have seen how funny he can be in interviews. But he's undeniably attractive and I know he can get a raise out of you. As a porn star, he's very successful and that is a testament to the power of erotica and to his ability to stay relevant without losing himself. Liking a porn star channels our fantasies, allowing us to explore something that we are not really willing or able to explore in a certain moment in the 'real' world. We all know that porn is not really how sex works but it's a good vehicle to let our desires roam free. 

So I think that you liking Brent is a good thing. You get to enjoy yourself and feel better after an electronic rendez-vous with him and you probably even get ideas that then you get to play out with me. I don't see your having a fav porn start as something that would need to be hidden or that it somehow changes the way you feel about me. Brent is the image that Brent projects about himself and you use that image to flex your fantasy and that fantasy makes you imaginative and adventurous. What's not to like?



  1. Sugar, you know me very well. Brent was probably one of the first gay porn stars that I really latched on to. And that probably went a long way to my penchant for the young, lithe form.

    As you know, Brent really grew up in the business, starting before he was even of age (17). He's had quite a tumultuous life that anyone can find out about by just Googling him. Like you, I follow him on some social media. And we've seen his ups and downs in his personal relationships and his wrestling with the porn and "legitimate" film industry. I really feel for him and his troubles, both professionally and personally (see his relatively recent relationship with JJ Knight, another porn rock star). But through it all, he tries to make the best of it. He has a love of horses and that is his escape when the world gets him down.

    But he has matured. He's no longer the little twink that I came to enjoy in my porn. And my tastes have also matured. I still find him extremely desirable...for my porn viewing. He's hunky now, well muscled and still has that fine ass with the star tattoo. And, yes, sometimes he, or another porn star, occupies my head. And I know that you prefer your porn stars a little more mature, but you also enjoy a wide variety of porn. And I also like that we can freely share our likes, because there is no problem with a little fantasy. And its also educational. Yeah, being older now, I can't get into all of the positions that we see in porn without throwing a hip out of wack, but there are things that we can, and sometimes do, try.

    But through it all, what really gets me revved up is you. Having you to share so many things with really helps me get through the day. Chatting with you via text every day helps us stay connected when we can't see each other. And that ability to connect electronically makes the time we do spend together so much better. So just remember that, babe. It's you who really gets a rise out of me. And after we've made love, don't feign innocence with me. We both know who the animal is in this relationship. Just look in the mirror.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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