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Liam Riley

You have ogled them in many a video. You may have come after watching them get it on with someone. They are porn stars and they get to fuck handsome men on camera and they get paid for it. They represent ideals of masculinity for some gay men and portray idealized erotica for public consumption. There's many gay men who want to fuck them or be fucked by them. Their sexual prowess and uninhibited attitude make them hot commodities. Oh, and by the way,  they also moonlight as drag queens. Yep. Those porn stars that are the fantasy of many also put on pretty clothes and make up and get on stage and give life to a persona who is probably the opposite of the man you watch fuck in your smutty moments.

So have I ruined your fantasy? Too bad. That happens when people hold a binary ideal of gender that is fragile and outmoded. A porn star can be a drag queen. A gay man can put on girl clothe's and still be fuckable (either in those clothes or out of them). Because someone does drag does not imply they are not men. Or masculine. Not everybody wants or needs to fit in those two little boxes. Not everybody checks either straight or gay. Male or female. Butch or femme. It's a continuum, like most everything in life. 

These men are entertainers, artists. They create a fantasy both as porn stars and as drag performers. They can be both because nobody is limited by their body or other people's expectations of gender performance. Once the cameras go off they are Luke Kemmerle and Andrew Farrell.  And they are also Bambi Wadley and Sassy Frass Meany and Kelsey Dagger. They can be porn stars or drag queens or just another guy. They don't have to be what other people want them to be. 

And that's the way it should be.


P.S. This one goes to Mistress Maddie, who keeps me in stitches AND makes me think ^_^ 


  1. You are too kind!!! And your right on with the subjects. I have had guys go with me knowing I do drag, and other guys who get put off of the drag thing altogether, then there are the guys who know what I look like out of drag and are fine with it. In some cases if a guy knows the drag queen is a cute guy they don't care. I put as much effort into my male appearance or I do drag, which some queens don't care what they look like as a male. But I don't do drag as often as I used to by any means. It's never bothered me...Im comfortable in my skin, so I figure it's the guys who aren't. I have even had guys pick me up in drag, and want to go have sex with the make up and wig on, but that is soooo not me. The drag comes off completely if I hook up...to the horror of the Mistress!!!!!

    Although, this weekend at the underwear party, some guy did get me worked up, and I may have let him man handle my cock a little...but then was more a kinky gender fuck look...not drag lol!!!!!


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