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I'm all for gratuitous displays where men are objectified. Add to that the fact that these men are not often sexualized, and voila! instant interest. I am curious as to why is it that we see so very few men being put on display. It's usually women who are put in that position. So I am usually surprised when I find something like these Khaiki dancers. I had to stop and watch.

Usually, YouTube and its algorithms come up with its usual array of music videos and short film and aquascaping tutorials, but once in a while it surprises me with something unexpected. And that's how I got to go down the rabbit hole of looking for men dancing.

I found myself mesmerized. Really. The combination of beauty and strength, the idea that this is what culture looks like without colonization and without the imposition of judeo-christian repression. Because these men's ancestors were dancing like this before they were enclosed by norms brought from the outside. They would tell warrior stories through dance. And they look beautiful while doing it.

The idea of men dancing (or not) is one that apparently could be related to the idea of what men are expected to do. There's a notion that points to the idea that men don't put themselves on display. They are not supposed to be comfortable when put in the position of a sex object. And that's just plain dumb. It's heterocentric, it points to a narrow definition of masculinity and it reeks of heteronormative assumptions and internalized homophobia.

So the next time you hear music, let yourself go and dance. Go ahead. I support you.



  1. I'm all for objectification of men. And the two samples of Polynesian men you provided are great sources of some very able and willing men putting it out there. And you can almost get the stories they tell. That's something that's lost in out highly digitized world. The art of story telling; by dance, drawings or even on the printed page.One person that I follow on Twitter is Pete Souza, the former Presidential photographer for the last great president, Barack Obama. He can tell a story with still images and has a knack for trolling "45."

    But I digress. The art of the dance is truly one of the things that I admire. I'm a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars. And one of the things I look forward to are the Latin dances (of course it would be Latin, huh babe 😘). The movements of the hips and many times the exposed torsos of the male dancers is a real turn on. Here's a sample for you to enjoy https://youtu.be/FqOLz3z4knw.

    But get me out on the dance floor and you get nothing. My sense or rhythm disappears withing the first 30 seconds. Line dancing with it's repetitive movements? I'm lost by the second set.

    But, yeah, I'm more than happy to watch other guys out on the dance floor. Kudos to those who know that they're not the best, but still get out there. I don't have that drive.


  2. The male form is one of the most beautiful things there is...why hide it I say. I am not the least bit shy about showing mine.

  3. And for that we thank you, mistress. 😉


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