When I think about sex appeal I usually think about what a man projects. Of course physical beauty is the icing on the cake and conventionally beautiful features or an aesthetically pleasant body contribute to the overall appeal, but I think attractiveness in a male has more to do with savior faire than with obvious genetic gifts.

In order to be sexy, a man needs to have a  personality. A man who can project an aura that's specifically his, a group of qualities that set him apart from other males. It could be his behavior or his ideas or a combination of both. Preferably, a combination of both because then if you add the fact that he's visually pleasant, the combination can be lethal.

I think that people attribute way too much weight to pleasant physical features and totally forget that those wide shoulders, tight abs and unblemished face will change with time. What will not change with time is the man's personality. Or if it does change, it must change for the better, quite the opposite of what happens to our midsection or our face when we pass a quarter of a century.

I was thinking all this while Peter Dinklage was talking to Stephen Colbert about his new HBO movie. The man literally climbed on his chair and still all I could focus on was on that voice and those eyes and that smile. Magnetic. That's how I'd describe him. And he could carry a conversation. He was smart and witty and self-deprecating. I even stopped eating popcorn at that moment, so I could focus on what he was saying. The camera zooms on the man and the fact that he's not six feet tall or conventionally handsome go out the window. And THAT is sex appeal.



  1. I was thinking similar thoughts when I saw that interview. He’s very engaging and quite handsome. And in Game of Thrones he was quite the ladies’ man. Yes, sex appeal begins between the ears.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. Oh I so know what your talking about. I know a guy who is not what the gay community would all a looker, but his personality, smile and sense of humor draw me in. I know many like him. Everytime I see him, I keep thinking of a way to get him in bed.


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