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I've said before that gender norms are the to be broken. Not too long ago women were not supposed to wear trousers. Not long ago the law said that you should be wearing at least some pieces of clothing from 'your' gender or you'd get arrested. Not long ago, you could go to jail if you didn't 'behave' the way you were supposed to.

Now, fortunately men have at their disposition again many things that have been historically 'male' but that have been relegated to be 'female' by the gender police. Apparently, make up has been breaking through as part of grooming and I think that's a great idea. That's right, make up has not always been a feminine endeavor since the beginning of time. Apparently men, the peacocks of the human race, are back to their old tricks.

I'm so here for men enhancing their looks. Be them rugged or pretty. Whether they want to get their lumberjack on or their city slicker flawless skin on display. I'd love for a man to look at his best, even if he's using tinted moisturizer. I'm not like those straight men that think that girls who wear makeup are 'deceiving' them. Oh, you haven't heard that one? Yep. there's a lot of men who think that girls who wear makeup are lying because they're not 'naturally' beautiful. Yeah, I'm shaking my head.

Wearing make up as I see it, would be like wearing tailored clothes or choosing a flattering haircut. Or grooming. Yeah, I know. who would have thought that consciously making yourself more attractive would be considered 'lying'? So if I wear flattering pants and choose a flattering haircut and shave and trim my facial hair I am lying? Because I'm not presenting myself just as I woke up? I call malarkey.

So bravo to those guys who wear makeup. So what? Whether is a bronzer or concealer or a smudge of rimmel. More power to them. And If anybody tells me that I'm going to look like the guy in the video if I buy Fenty Beauty, TAKE MY MONEY!!



  1. I totally agree with you. People have been primping themselves forever. There is no deception intended. As they say true beauty resides inside a person. You can be the most stunning person on the outside, but a total asshole otherwise. If a little makeup (or a lot) makes YOU feel good, fuck the haters.

    XOXO ­čĹĘ‍❤️‍­čĺő‍­čĹĘ

  2. I never leave the house, even for a run to the market until I look good and have on flattering pants. Like Joan Crawford once said.."I never leave my house, until I'm Joan Crawford."

  3. I have not worn makeup in over 40 years. I never liked how it felt on my face, and it reacted badly with my body chemistry. but hey, to each his/her own. I feel beautiful without it.


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