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I was going down the rabbit hole on youtube suggestions (the ever present algorithm) and found this video. I had been talking about journaling with my friend Kristina (hey K) and we were talking how we have kept an online presence to write since the prehistory (a.k.a myspace).

I have discovered that blogging is pretty much like journaling. Blogging is a mental inventory of my thoughts. One of the millions of thoughts that cross my mind every day. We tend to hold on to some thoughts that really do not mind following up. There are some thoughts that are worth keeping, though. Be it related to things that are important to us currently or things that we have hold as important or worth exploring for awhile.

These posts are basically self-contained curiosity capsules. I dedicate time to these posts to identify things that interest me, that make me curious, that pique my interest. And it takes time and dedication. Everybody who blogs I think get things off their mind and into the webpage by reaching in their minds and they represent a map of the updated things we have discovered and we find interesting. We dedicate ourselves to update that mental inventory that allows to have access to the things we have tried, we'd like to try and those things that we think are worth exploring.

These posts are also good for decluttering our minds. They allow us to keep a daily mental inventory that helps us dedicate ourselves to things that interest us. They allow us to be more present and grounded. So thanks for reading. You know me better than many people because you take time to stop by.



  1. I admire your dedication to blogging. Your posts are interesting and thought provoking. I, for one, don’t have the time or wherewithal for an under taking such as this. But I do enjoy the few blogs I check on a regular basis, your’s chief among them (for some strange reason ­čśë).

    So keep decluttering, babe. Your loyal fans enjoy your random thoughts and look forward to them every day.

    XOXO ­čĹĘ‍❤️‍­čĺő‍­čĹĘ

  2. I agree with why to blog. I blog things of all sorts I enjoy, and put them out there and see what people think of things, but it also is a travel and happenings diary of sorts for me too. When I stop blogging, whenever that might be, I want to look back one day and see what I did, saw or shared when I can't remember it. lol


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