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I don't do video games well. My hand-eye coordination is good but the screen movement just makes me dizzy. I don't own an Xbox and I have never had a boyfriend who's into video games. So I'm late for the video-game-hack of gay erotica. And apparently, I've been missing out. There's a whole subset of erotica that's apparently dedicated to creating little masterpieces that consist on subverting the genre on its head and queering it up.

These little erotic vignettes have everything mainstream porn has: music, ambiance, camera angles and even storylines. I am amazed. And apparently they come from mainstream video games that per se do not have anything queer about them. I love how inventive gay men are and how they have basically hacked the hallowed grail of gamers and turned it on its head. Their creations are amazingly life-like and of course can do things that nobody in the real world would be able to do.

So I think I'm going to explore more this thing and see what else people have done to infuse these characters with queerness. Fandoms are creative and subversive and 'shipping these characters looks absolutely amazing to me so I'm here for it. I would even consider getting a PlayStation, if that's what it takes to get to watch these guys to finally get it on on the regular.



  1. Cripes....if my videos games had been more like this back then, I may have not played Pac Man as much or Frogger.

    Now those clips have got me turned on...and I'm at work. Thanks sixpense......

  2. IDK, I'd rather watch real hairy bears have fun!

  3. Damn, babe! I was never one to really get into video games. I think the last one I played was pong 😜. But this is truly amazing! And they’ve become their own niche on the porn sites. What a wonderful world we live in.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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