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Giving thanks for what we have is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. I don't really agree with the Thanksgiving myth, but I think it's a good excuse to celebrate what we have and enjoy. So whether you're doing Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, here's for prosperity and being grateful for what (and who) we have in our lives.


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  1. I like that term "friendsgiving". I ain't down with the whole bullshit either. I am grateful for all my blogger friends far and wide!

  2. Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all that we have. We’ve all experienced good times and bad times. They all come together to make us who we are. And I am grateful for all the people in my life who have shaped who I am today. I’m especially thankful for a certain someone who allows me to express myself with him.

    XOXO ­čĹĘ‍❤️‍­čĺő‍­čĹĘ


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