I have to accept I'd let Hasan (or Hassan, for those in the know) hit it. I know, I know, he's a Muslim, but hey, there's gay and bi Muslim dudes out there, right? He's lean and mean and delightful. He could. Twice.

So on to why I find this so awesome: it's two brown boys relishing in the fact that they are brown. It's a meeting of the browns and I'm here for it. They obviously bounce off each other marvelously, and that has to do with both being very charismatic,  but it goes beyond that. Oh, when they recognize their names and pronounce them the RIGHT WAY? Not the way wypipo can understand them? Priceless.

There's very little representation for MOC in a setting where being a POC really is not an issue and where joking about the struggle is something that's good-natured and even welcome. In a political climate tainted by white supremacy, as it is the one we live in the US today, that is even more scarce. So when I happened upon this video during one of my rabbit hole tumbles on YouTube, I was like 'yes!' fist bump and all. Because this convo has it all: brotherhood, humor, politics and a touch of resistance. Resistance to let an hegemonic culture squash what is considered the core of who you are: your brownness.

So the next time you see two brown boys talking, stop and listen. It may help you get in touch with something you didn't know you needed.



  1. I love this video. Their banter and the freedom they exhibit in their conversation is refreshing. And I agree Hassan can get it anytime he wants. I’ve enjoyed his work since the “Daily Show.” And I’ve always found him very attractive.

    I guess I have a thing for brown boys, huh babe? 😉

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. And when he's done with you, he can hit me.


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