it's a number

Ok, so what about age?
I think it's incredible how ageist some people can be. Especially among men who have sex with other men. Apparently, the requirement for having sex is being under twenty-five? As if people stay young forever? What kind of fuckery is this?

Appreciation and enjoyment of an erotic experience is not limited by the number of wrinkles or the muscle tone of a man. I, for one, believe that men get better with age. Especially in the sack. From my experience, I have mostly preferred a man who's older than I am. I started having sex and getting in relationships with older men early in life and have continued to do so up until now. I usually date men my age or older and with a few exceptions (I have to admit that I have dated some younger men for short periods of time. I'm not perfect!) I have kind of stuck with the pattern.

Why, would you ask, do I prefer an older man over a younger one? Well, let me tell you:

He knows how to fuck. He's been around the block and back. Most likely, he's fucked more than a few men and you'll reap the fruit of his experience.
He can be self-sufficient. He's been in the work force for awhile. He probably knows what an IRA and a 401K are.
He's survived a plague. He knows what AIDS is. He's probably lost friends to it. He won't take your safety lightly.
He knows what he wants. He's dated before. He knows what he's looking for. He won't waste your time and his if you're not it.
He knows how sex works. He knows fucking is not like it appears in porn. Sex in real life doesn't look like when Tim Kruger does it. It's sweaty, it's messy and not edited at all.
He's solid. Some call it husky? And I like that. I like dadbods. I think I should expand on that eventually. There. That's another post coming up....
He's a gentleman. I know, I know. But really. An older man is going to be more polite and be better in social situations. Older men tend to be less awkward when dealing with PDAs and he's ok if you open a door for him after he opened one for you. His mom taught him well.
He has a life. He has his own friends and job and agenda. He won't cling to you and your group for dear life. Some aspects of your lives will intersect and you'll find things to do together, and he won't probably spend days trying to reach that level he wants in his video game quest.
He will call. He won't fool around with the three-day-rule. If he likes you, he'll call right away. Or text. I keep forgetting this is the XXI century.
He''s confident. Jealousy is not a major issue, I have found out. He's not insecure about you meeting people and can give you space.
He's got perspective. He can relate to struggles and problems and he can be a source of solace and even advice. He can be a great sounding board and you can pick his brain for answers. 

And so there it is. I don't see age as an impediment. I see age as sexy. Life goes beyond a six pack, supple skin and a fast fuck. I know there's challenges to dating an older man, too. But this post is not about that.  I'll leave that for later.

This one is for MerlinPurpura, who got me thinking.


p.s. of course not everybody can age as well as Aiden Shaw, but hey. Eye candy!


  1. We're cut from the same cloth. While my Lad is younger....I mean his ass is incredible, I too prefer older or my age usually. Give me a older man with salt and paper hair, a mild scruff and a 7" cock.....I'm your clay, mold me.or just suck my cock and fuck me.

  2. tain't what you do but the way that you do it!
    sing it, ella!

  3. Ages is just a number. And that number now gets me senior discounts 😁 One other thing about being the older guy in a relationship is that we are very appreciative of any attention that we receive. And we try to keep up with you young whipper snappers as best we can. As the saying goes: there may be snow on the roof but there’s fire in the furnace.

    I subscribe to the Himeros podcasts. They do companion episodes for their videos and I just listened to the one for this video One of the people on the podcast who helped produce the video is Norm’s 40-something lover. It was a very interesting episode.



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