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Freedom! use your freedom to vote. Vote and change something. Vote and MAKE a change. And don't do 'protest vote'. Don't choose this moment to make a point. Look what 'protest voting' and Russian interference did: it gave you Orange Shitgibbon Syndrome. Vote like your life depends on it, because it probably does. This November, be part of something that would help wipe those motherfucking republicans off the political landscape.



  1. A belated thank you for the post, babe. I was a little busy as an election judge yesterday and didn’t see the post until today. I know at our polling place we had a very good turn out. AND our congressional district flipped from red to BLUE ­čÄë. Congratulations to Lauren Underwood on her win in IL-14!

    XOXO ­čĹĘ‍❤️‍­čĺő‍­čĹĘ


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