Funny men. One of the best ways to deal with 'issues' is through humor. The case for this one comic is that because he’s a man of color, his views are intersectional by default: both as a gay man and a MOC his worldview is tinted with self-deprecation and laser-like precision when analyzing the things that made him who he is today.

What called my attention in this piece is that he mentions that he noticed that he was gay before he was Asian due to his fundie upbringing. Being adopted (he mentions he's from South Korea) then imbued the whole thing with hints of colonialism and that penchant fundies have of 'saving' people. Always jockeying for that place in their heaven (it brings memories of the lionizing missionaries get when they die while ‘saving savages’). His parents home-schooled him because they didn’t want him ‘tainted’ with the outside world and apparently read his diary when he was 17. So loving.

I loathe fundies with that special vitriol one deserves for gay Republicans. I find them ignorant and mellifluously despicable in ways very few human beings are. Religion, being the opium of the masses receives so little respect from me that it's almost funny. Somebody has to tell the fundies that there's probably psychological treatment for their delusion. Religiosity, I believe their affliction is called.

But Joel is really funny. I have recently seen some of his stand up and he can really wring that upbringing for laughs. And he talks about his adventures as a gay men too, so if you find yourself with some spare time, let the youtube algorithm take you down the Joel hole.


p.s. the fact that he's rocking that Tagame t-shirt made me like him even more.

ART by Gengoroh TAGAME


  1. religion, like donald dump, poisons everything it touches.

  2. The taint that is the fundamentalist Christian is really abhorrent. You have in the White House a person (can't even call him a man) who was the "champion" of the religious right but is the antithesis of all they stand for. Just look at the footage from Bush 41's funeral when everyone is reciting the Apostle's Creed and he's standing there like the dope he is.

    The fundies have such a huge boner for power that they'll stop at nothing to impose their views upon the world. I have nothing against people who follow a religion, but keep it in your house. Don't foist it on the rest of us.

    And Joel is a riot. And he can get it anytime, too. Pixelated dick and all.

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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