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This is Max Konnor and he is a porn actor. He was recently in New York looking for some costumes in a leather shop and apparently he found out that people get riled up when they see big muscular black men walking around looking at leather garments. He and his designer  friend (also black) were asked to leave The Leather Man's Shop because they had violated some kind of unwritten store rules. Then they locked the door when they left.

The store  has concocted a non-apology apology and gone on the record saying that it was all a 'misunderstanding' and a 'miscommunication'. Of course, for this man, who found himself sin the crosshairs of racism, their story does not click. People on his twitter feed have been outrageously racist when he explained his experience and have called him a liar, thin skinned and asked him to get over it. Probably because he fucks white men on camera for a living. One thing is to have been singled out while minding your own business and have been boldly discriminated against  and another is to try and see that 'both sides' have their qualms. I believe this man. It's not a matter of 'perception'. it's a fact that in 2018 America there's people who still think the Antebellum South is a paradise that was lost.

I can see the struggle that men of color in America go through. Men of color have to be more than aware of their surroundings at all times, especially now that the Orange Baboon in the White House has made it acceptable for the Nazis to come out of the woodwork and be their racist selves with his blessing. Men of color and especially black men are constantly put in danger by the constant need of people to patrol their every move. Black men are shot, sometimes on sight, many times by the men and women who are supposed to be the law, just because they are black men. And people ask them to 'chill'.

I think that everybody should check their privilege once in a while and understand what Black Lives Matter means. No, it's not just a slogan. No, Blue Lives Matter is not the same. And yes, All Lives Matter is offensive. We all enjoy some kind of privilege and we sometimes do not think that other people for their race, ethnicity or gender expression can and do face discrimination and policing on a daily basis. And sometimes their lives are endangered just because of who they are and how they are perceived by society at large.

So go ahead, enjoy this man's beauty. But also, ask yourself if you could be doing something to bring awareness towards the constant siege some people find themselves facing most every day of their lives. You can be horny and woke at the same time. I know I try to be.


Guys, I just experienced racism full force. The owner of just kicked me out after coming in trying to get an outfit made for the awards. Please let them know that this behavior will not stand. Do not support this company. Send them a message.


  1. JFC! it's 2018! racism was always wrong, racism is always wrong, and racism will always be wrong!

    having said that, oh man what a man what a man what a mighty fine man!

  2. What a shame this still happens. But good gods... forgive my bluntless..but he could fuck me senseless. That first!!!!!!

  3. I don't get it, do you mean a leather kink adult type store? Has there suddenly been a rash of handsome (hhhot actually) black men coming in and stealing dog collars and sex harnesses? Ridiculous, I promise to never buy my buggy whips or assless chaps there!

  4. The ass in the White House makes everything acceptable, right? No! This is bullshit. Being a white male, I can’t know what POC deal with on a daily basis. Yes I read the stories. Yes I hear it all. But I can’t understand why this shit is still acceptable. Yes, BLM. Yes the number of lives lost is unconscionable.

    XOXO ­čĹĘ‍❤️‍­čĺő‍­čĹĘ

  5. As a Man of Color I must say: " Dear Non Black people, Please stop looking at me like I'm crazy when I tell you racism STILL happens." Or if you are going to get all uptight about the subject quit bringing it up ! DAMN !
    Now back to our program. :-)


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