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"The butt of the fruit cake is much softer.... I hate myself"
With all the xmas meme enthusiasm (Mistress Maddie, Anne MarieSteve and many more have tried) I decided to use Adam as an inspiration for mine. Of course, watching Adam do anything (kill it on skates int he Winter Olympics, do Dancing with the Stars, sip eggnog...) is an experience but also it will serve here as a springboard for a reflection on what is it that I know about these xmas staples.
So let's start:

Hot toddy: have never had it. What is it? Should I try it? I may pass if I have to put a ton of alcohol in it to like it..
Fruitcake: yes! I love it too, Adam. I know it as Panettone and my mom used to love it. So yes. And I also eat it from the bottom up.
Canned cranberry: ... and that's a no.
Eggnog: yes, please. I can do without the whole whipped cream, but it's the holidays so bring it. I'm going to gain ten pounds anyway so fuck it. I read the Mistress makes one to die for.
Gingerbread house: just give me gingerbread cookies. Hopefully not that hard, though. Holy shit. I saw a gingerbread house at Trader Joe's and I may just eat it without putting it together.
Candy canes: I can do without these. It takes forever to finish one. Can something be too sweet? I guess it can. Rhetorical question.
Peppermint Bark: yes. Chocolate? Yes.
Popcorn Trio Tin: but of course! Duh. The sweet and salty combo is the BEST. I have been known to attack popcorn with a vengeance whether Netflix is involved or not.

So there it is my mini-meme challenge thingy.
It was fun. Now I want Panettone.



  1. Hot toddy: nope

    Fruitcake: yes!

    Canned cranberry: yes!

    Eggnog: yes, please.

    Gingerbread house: just give me gingerbread cookies. Hopefully not hard though.

    Candy canes: I can do without these.

    Peppermint Bark: yes. Chocolate? Yes.

    Popcorn Trio Tin: nope

  2. Adam is hysterical! So let’s go through the list:
    Hot Toddy: Don’t think I’ve ever had a traditional one, but have had warm libations that I’ve enjoyed.
    Fruit Cake: Have had it a couple times and it was ok. I prefer my Date ‘n Nut bread from my mother’s recipe.
    Canned Cranberries: The jellied will do in a pinch but I prefer the whole cranberry sauce, either homemade or canned.
    Egg Nog: Has never appealed to me, but now that my tastes have matured with my advanced years, maybe I should give it a try.
    Gingerbread House: That thing looked hard as a rock! I agree with you, though and like the cookies. Skip the TJ gingerbread house and pick up their gingerbread men instead. Because who wouldn’t want to eat a man? 😎
    Candy Canes: I just usually buy them for my baking. Love Adam’s comment about the condom 😜 and I ALWAYS wrestle with the wrapper. Now I know how to take it off!
    Peppermint Bark: Agree, can’t go wrong with anything in chocolate.
    Popcorn Trio: Always!

    Thanks for sharing this, babe!

    XOXO 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  3. Dont get me started in perming bark OMG!!!!! I love that stuff as well as gingerbread men. The egg not is gone! I now have to make more to take to work, everything wants to try it! One year when the Lad was here I used to grizzle some down his cock that lick it up. Taste good, get a buzz and suck a cock. It's a win win.

  4. I loves me some Adam Rippon, but he's wrong about canned jellied cranberry sauce, which is wonderful. Yes, of course, one's own fresh homemade cranberry relish is better (and I do that too), but either canned whole cranberries or canned jellied cranberry sauce will do just fine in a pinch. That can-shaped jellied blob says "my childhood" to me--and we won't go into how long ago that was! : )

    Merry Christmas, Sixpence. And thanks for all your comments on my blog.



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